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Here Comes The Band

by Heatwarmer

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Phil Neff
Phil Neff thumbnail
Phil Neff If only these guys had some merch for sale....
ddb thumbnail
ddb The chord progressions leveraged by heatwarmer are nothing to shake a stick at. They deliver the goods when it comes to QUALITY voice leadings. Also the amount of snark is just right. Favorite track: Changing My Mind.
Michael Van Bebber
Michael Van Bebber thumbnail
Michael Van Bebber This album was my "most-played" of 2018! I love the subtlety and complexity of the compositions, the laid-back performance and the multiple meanings of the lyrics. This is an album you can find something new in after many listenings. Favorite track: Don't Be A Dick.
libbbbbbbbby thumbnail
libbbbbbbbby Hecking. Yes. Thank you. I love you, and hope you're having a good day. Your time as humans is valued and I appreciate that y'all take the time to write dope music.
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American Dog 03:41
i tried to think and forgot to feel i fake laughed so hard I started laughing for real i messed up and sang a song in a voice that sounded wrong i’m free to love and free to roam i’m free to see what’s on my phone free to heed whoever calls to save it up or spend it all oh oh oh oh my god i didn’t know i’d feel this way about a little dog american dog, american dog i fell in love with an american dog good god, i fell in love with an american dog i like the warm and fuzzy things and all the goodies Santa brings lately i’ve been wanting more a pal to greet me at the door the sticks have been unfetched too long the melodies were taken wrong i stored them way up on the shelf and the song began to write itself (chorus)
i knew a man who never changed his mind all day he’d sit and curse the passing time when he’d hear his neighbors merry with cheer he’d slam his window and say “damn ‘em all to hell!” now here’s a hint for you, that man was me i feel much different now quite naturally if there’s a rotten stinking from things you keep thinking why not toss them away? it’s cliche and it’s true ice melted away and new things grew (doot doot doot doot) you’re picking up on different subtleties in my behavior (doot doot doot doot) it took a couple tries to bring out some more of the flavor (doot doot doot doot) and now i’ve got no reason to still rehearse a duty that called from under some kind of curse cause i’m changing my mind this time and doing my part and i think that i’m trying to find what’s in my heart i gotta get with the times and make it feel true when i’m over the same old view who? (you) who? (you) who? (you) i’m gonna make it new (you're gonna make it new) you always had a place way out of town when neighbors came too close you’d load up a round just to say you were private hardly describes it guarding your pile til death do you part (doot doot doot doot) I’m picking up on different subtleties in your behavior (doot doot doot doot) it took a lot of tries to bring out some more of the flavor (doot doot doot doot) remember spinning through the parking lot in reverse a duty that called from under some kind of curse now you’re changing your mind, your style and doing your part and it’s cool cause you’re trying to find what’s in your heart you must have got with the times and made it feel true when you’re tired of the same old you you (you) you (you) you (you) you’re gonna to make it new (you're gonna make it new)
you had a look in your eye i never saw before so freaky i ran right out the door now you’re stuck in my mind so wild in your ways so creepy i wanna see you today the night is filled with intrigue but i’m so shy of you til I fade into the blue you got me now i just don’t know what to do hurt, hurt, got too close for comfort
(bup bup bah, bup bup bah) tell me what floats your boat honks your horn, gets your goat if i see way you take you tea i will make a mental note i can name five or six ways that i get my kicks it’s a piece of cake but it’s kinda complex the tonic for healing the dominant feelings can be as deceiving there’s something in the sound of music electrified or just acoustic the strange cadence of a wind chime or the strings from more emotional times i long for a note of beautiful music is it live? is it canned? was it chance? was it planned? were there unknown forces in the room guiding the composers hand? i can dig the sound of music synthesized or just acoustic i close my eyes at the ballgame or dig the crazy rhythm of a wood flame i long for a note of beautiful music
Bad Boy 05:06
i used to do good in school i used to do what they told me i crossed my i’s, dotted my t’s and minded my own q’s and p’s and i learned their precious words and they’re still just words and now i’m here hanging around cursing my words all over town cause i’m a bad boy now nothing that nobody can do about it cause i’m a bad boy now cruisin down to the sunset strip cause i’m a bad boy now am i crazy if i don’t know what’s real or am i starting to see things clearly like how i couldn’t find the warmth when your hand was on my shoulder i haven’t whined this much since my teeth were first coming in it’s like… cause i’m a bad boy now (looks like he’s given up on all of his dreams) cause i’m a bad boy now (he ain’t no good or even in between) cause i’m a bad boy now (roaming the streets, struttin to the beat looks like a bad guy i don’t want to meet) cause i’m a bad boy now
they’re trying to catch the mirage cutting class again sit down and discuss business school again she doesn’t blame them, they never heard her sing the pitted youth have made their sacred offering permanent damage to private property the future just came back up the drain and keeps rushing into open spaces spoils the goods your mind erases couldn’t desert your thirst at the oasis but just (don’t be a dick) don’t be an idiot (don't be a dick) who’s got the time for it? (doo doo doo doo) hey you keep interrupting, but you’re saying nothing if you’re playing tricks again and i know you’re just being rude you’ll have to excuse me and my carefree attitude there’s a breeze at the beach that blows the trash around energy monsters kiss the candy clown drinking a dollar like it’s no thing hey and what do you make of the chimpanzees baring their teeth so we can see got half of a mind to try and set one free let it free guess i got a careless attitude (careless attitude) i mean a carefree attitude (careless attitude) i can’t remember when the corners all came unglued you made a mess then pointed to it like evidence so who cares? don’t be a jerk, don’t be a know-it-all don’t wanna hear it’s a small world after all just wanna see you and your projections walk the other direction (don't be a dick) don’t be an idiot (don't be a dick) who’s got the time for it? (doo doo doo doo) hey you’re driving me crazy and you’re so damn lazy if you’re playing tricks again and i know you’re just being rude you’ll have to excuse me and my carefree attitude (attitude, baby) yea get a load of me now with my carefree attitude (attitude, baby) now may i be excused?
Cookie Man 04:57
funny cookie man he’s baking quickly as he can but when you reach for a fresh one he’s sure to shoo away your hand ‘scuse me, cookie man if you’d just look the other way you’ll see a rare bird sitting on your Chevrolet (tricked you, ha ha ha ha) cookie man
here comes the band!


released September 12, 2017

Heatwarmer is:
Luke Bergman
Aaron Otheim
Evan Woodle

Additional performers:
Joyce Lee - flute (1, 2, 3, 4, 8)
Jacob Zimmerman - clarinet (8)
Coltan Foster - bassoon (8)
Ray Larsen - trumpet (2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
Haley Freedlund - trombone (2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
Jon Hansen - tuba (8)
Janna Webbon - violin (2, 3, 4, 7, 8)
David Balatero - cello (2, 3, 7, 8)
Old Man (8)

Lyrics by Luke Bergman
Lyrics on “2” by Luke Bergman and Karl Blau
The term “permanent damage” was popularized by Garrett Sand
The phrase “strings from more emotional times” was brought to our attention by Valerie Otheim
The remark “here comes the band” was introduced by a friendly stranger we once met

Artwork by Shana Cleveland
Layout by Aaron Otheim

Recorded by Luke at our houses between November 2015 and April 2017 (uff da)

Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering

Special thanks to Cafe Racer, Heartland, Healthy Times Fun Club, The Black Lodge, Werewolf Vacation, Magic Lanes, The Woodshed, Die Alone, Alexa Peters, Sophia Stephens, Kenneth Piekarski, Garrett Sand, Cameron Peace, Wendy Vainity, Alan Hawkshaw, Planet Earth, Bill Frisell, Janet Stimson, Robbie Augspurger, Aurora Avenue, the Bergman family, the Otheim family, the Woodle family, Gerbert, Thomas, Mr. Conductor, all the alienz, YouTube, tour, Cascade Record Pressing, and our GoFundMe supporters!


all rights reserved



Heatwarmer Seattle, Washington

fun music by some american doggos with great faces for radio

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